Apple’s Vision Pro Demos: What to Expect at the Apple Store

Apple’s Vision Pro Demos: What to Expect at the Apple Store

If you’ve been itching to try out Apple’s upcoming Vision Pro, the wait is almost over. The official release is set for February 2nd, and Apple has some interesting plans for in-store demos.

The Vision Pro Demo Experience: Step by Step

So, what’s the deal with trying out the Vision Pro in-store? Gurman spills the beans on the process. The whole thing kicks off with an Apple Store wizard (aka employee) scanning your face to find the perfect light seal for the headset. It’s a bit like setting up Face ID on your iPhone – familiar territory, right?

But that’s not all. If you’re in the crew that needs glasses, Apple’s got you covered. They’ll use a special device to scan your lenses and figure out your prescription. Then, voila! An employee fits a Vision Pro on you, equipped with one of “hundreds” of lenses on hand. They’ll also share the secrets of using the device, including the essential art of holding it properly. – koin303

The 25-Minute Adventure

Once you’re suited up with the Vision Pro, get ready for a 25-minute tech adventure. Gurman spills the beans on what’s in store: checking out photos and videos (including fancy 3D spatial content from the iPhone 15 Pro), using the Vision Pro as a computer or iPad replacement, and exploring third-party apps. It’s like a mini tech exploration session, and it sounds pretty cool!

No Purchase Necessary: Online Buying Options

Now, here’s the good news. If you’re not up for the in-store demo extravaganza, Apple has you covered online. You can still snag the headset from the comfort of your couch. But, heads up – you’ll need to scan your face with an iPhone or iPad to get the right head strap, and keep your vision prescription handy if you’re eyeing those $149 optical inserts.

Comfort Upgrade: New and Improved Strap

Gurman shares a little insider info – Apple heard your comfort cries. The initial strap got some complaints for being a bit uncomfortable after just 30 minutes of use. Fear not! Apple has crafted a second, comfier strap. However, this new and improved version won’t make an appearance at the demos. We’ll have to wait and see if it truly adds some extra comfort.

Accessory Alert: Belkin’s Battery Pack Clip

Hold onto your seats – there’s more. Belkin is stepping into the ring with an accessory clip for the battery pack that hangs outside the Vision Pro headset. It’s a nifty addition to keep things charged up and running smoothly.

Limited Launch and Future Plans

Here’s a little heads up from Apple: they’re not expecting the Vision Pro to fly off the shelves. In fact, they’ve told their stores to prep for about double the inventory space during the first weekend compared to the ones that follow. Rumors are buzzing about Apple’s plans for a second, more affordable headset and AR glasses that look like, well, regular glasses. The tech race is on! –koin303

So, whether you’re planning an in-store tech adventure or opting for the online route, Apple’s Vision Pro is set to make waves in the tech world. Get ready for a dose of augmented reality magic!