No Pants Day #8 - Infrared on the Fuji x100s and x100t

A little while ago I wanted to try out infrared (IR) photography on my Fuji x100s.  There's something different about IR that really makes it interesting.  The obvious is what you often see and that is the white foliage and dark water and skies.  Since plants (and most living organisms) reflect a lot of IR light they become ghostly white.

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No Pants Day #6 - Fuji x100s How I love to hate thee

You ever have one of those things in your life that always seems to frustrate, but you just can't seem to part with it emotionally?  Many folks have had that car, that burned oil, would randomly not start (and by randomly I mean at the most inconvenient time possible), yet anytime someone would recommend you get rid of it, you'd quickly start making excuses on why you should keep it.

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Fujifilm WCL-X100 Wide Conversion Lens

Ever shoot with your x100 or x100s and think...damn....I wish this thing was a little bit wider?  Well you bought a fixed lens camera dummy, you should have thought of that sooner!  But that's ok...Fuji's got your back.  

Enter the WCL-X100 Wide Conversion Lens, aka Fuji wide angle adapter.  

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