First look: Samyang AF 50/1.4 FE for Sony E-Mount

If you're no stranger to photography, then you have more than likely heard of Korean lens manufacturer Samyang (branded Rokinon in other parts of the world).  For years Samyang has made affordable, manual focus only lenses for pretty much every modern camera mount out there. A very popular lens is their 14mm/2.8 and recently I have come to really like their 135/F2.  Owning both of these lenses I can say that I've been very pleased with Samyang's glass over the years.  The problem is that all of their lenses are manual focus and this puts a lot of people off.  I shoot MF quite a bit and focus peaking on Sony's A7 series cameras makes it a breeze and for video shooters, well it's preferred and majority of Samyang's lenses are cine lenses like their new XEEN line which look very impressive.

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