A look back at 2014

So here we are....two thousand and fifteen.  The year Marty McFly traveled to in Back to the Future II.  I've managed to keep this blog up for a year now.  I haven't written all that much, but since this isn't an ad driven website (I have zero ads) I don't really need daily blog entries with some click bait title in order to keep my numbers up.  Lets all remember one thing...I don't want to sell you gear.  I'm just here spouting off my opinions and sharing my photos.  Those around me got tired of hearing it so this allows me to get it off my chest...

So anyway....before you close the tab or browser you're reading this in, let me tell you what this post is all about.  Photos....a shit ton of photos that are probably still loading.  I know I tend to put in way too many photos in my blog posts and this one will be no different....probably overkill and to spare you, the reader I'll add some as galleries so it's a little easier.  It took me a while to get all my favorites picked out of 2014 (out of 5139).  So take a minute or three and enjoy.

Where to begin?  Jan 1st I guess.

The year 2014 started off with some spectacular and world record breaking fireworks in Dubai.

Then....we had fog...it was fucking epic.

Then there was a sunrise

Followed by a sunset

I reviewed a couple cameras and lenses.  My favorite overall system of 2014 being the Fuji X-T1 and Fuji's amazing lineup of X-series lenses.  Fuji's been doing some really amazing things these past three years and have already started off 2015 with a new 16-55/2.8 lens.  I should have a loaner soon from my friends at Fujifilm Middle East.  I really hope Fuji keeps the momentum going.  This isn't the camera for everyone but I do feel there is something for the majority of folks in the Fuji line-up.  

I met with my homies Brian Hawkins and Michael Shainblum

And watched them shoot some time-lapse

I shot some busy streets

And some empty ones

Moved into a place with a new view

Shot from a rooftop

Or two

Shot some fashion

And a street light

Watched a skyscraper grow

And another start to grow

Needed a vacation....went to Ireland

Spent two weeks in Dublin

Then went to Cannes, France

Then a week and a half in Paris

Came back to Dubai

Shot a stormy night

Shot a tranquil night

Shot some cliché pictures

And some unique ones that can never happen again

Cloudy night

Clear night

Shot some looking down

Some some looking up

Shot the Palm Jumeirah

Shot from the Palm Jumeirah

The Dubai Marina from up high

The Dubai Marina from down low

Under a bridge

On top of that bridge

At sea level

Down towards sea level

Here's the last few.  Fuck me what a year it's been.  If you've made it this far....congrats, you're almost done.  Thanks for giving my recap a browse.  I hope you've enjoyed the photos as much as i enjoyed shooting and processing them.  May all your 2015 goals make it to fruition!  Thanks again and feel free to share the link to this page, click like or leave a comment.  If you're new here, give some other entires a read from my blog's main page.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram @sebimagery