No Pants Day #5 - Heat and humidity

Over the past few weeks an annual event here in Dubai has been happening.  It's not overly special and happens pretty much everywhere.  It's call summer...and it sucks.  Temperatures daily reach 110+F and near sunset the humidity sky rockets to levels I've only experienced in Guam and in spa steam rooms.  This shit ain't natural!  I have zero will to go outside and shoot anything.  Within minutes of stepping outside, you're covered in sweat and are ready for another shower.  Camera equipment starts sweating and it's a pain in the ass.  Yes I understand it's condensation.  This time of year the only way to travel anywhere with your camera gear is keeping it in the plastic bag and sitting it out for an hour so you can actually keep it try once it's warms up.  Visibility is absolute shit pretty much anytime of day or night and a cloud is a rare sight.  I have zero will to leave the air conditioned comfort of my apartment unless I have to.  So what does this mean?  I've been ordering a bunch of gear and am waiting on taking it out and writing up some reviews.  Now this doesn't mean it's sitting neatly in boxes awaiting reviews.  This isn't loaner gear.  This is stuff I've decided to buy and have been playing with for weeks.  Just haven't gone out doing any real shooting.  Just testing around the apartment, I'll bring it along when I go eat or shopping at Dubai's crazy ass malls, more shots of my keyboard and monitor than I care to admit to and lots of pictures of my impressive shoe collection.

So what's coming down the pipeline???

For starters I've purchased a Sony A6000.  What can I say, a few months ago when I received a pre-production model from Sony I wasn't sure if it was something that would fit into my camera line-up.  What possessed me to buy it?  Stay tuned.

Rokinon 8mm f/2.8 Fisheye - This is the E-mount version for cropped sensor cameras guessed it....the A6000.  I also picked up a Neewer L-Bracket for the A6000, it doesn't really deserve it's own line.

Or does it? - Neewer L-Bracket for A6000 - Cheap, no frills L-bracket.  Worth going cheap to say compared to ReallyRightStuff?  And I happen to have a picture of it.

Voigtlander VM/E Close Focus Adapter - A $300 adapter?  But in my CV21/1.8 review I said the cheapo adapter I had was working out great.  This bad boy feels as solid as my Omega Seamaster, is essentially an adapter with a built in extension tube and it's really pretty!  Sign me up!  I'm really excited to get out there shooting with this thing.  Works as advertised and will open up some new possibilities with the wide angle Voigtlanders I have.

Metabones IV - The two selling points MB had with this new adapter was it was better suited for tilt-shift lenses and has a better anti-reflective innards.  Will it be worth the upgrade?

Metabones Leica M to Fuji X Adapter - My buddy bought an X-T1...I want to see how my CV glass behaves on it.  Then I'll give him the adapter for Christmas or something.

Two new hot shoe bubbles/levels - Probably won't talk about these, but if you shoot on a tripod, invest the few bucks and get one or two of these things.  Worthwhile.

So over the next few weeks I'll be wrapping things up and hopefully as the temps start drawing down I'll get out to do some shooting.  Maybe I'll even get out of town and shoot somewhere new...

I also want to take a second and thank everyone for the blog comments and constant steady flow of emails.  

No Pants Day

Every week I make it a goal to have a no pants day.  I've been doing this the greater part of my adult life. Think of it as a "me day".  It's not always a completely non-productive lazy day (though it is sometimes), but it's a day I'm not concerned with the outside world.  I'll catch up on household chores, process photos, piddle around online, watch Archer, Top Gear, etc.  And now do a blog.  It'll probably revolve around photography or art, it'll probably have some pictures I shot that week (but might have some oldies), I don't really know what'll happen.  It's my day and I'll write what I want to.  Ideally, with no pants.

Downtown Dubai shot with Sony A7r, 55mm FE