No Pants Day #6 - Fuji x100s How I love to hate thee

You ever have one of those things in your life that always seems to frustrate, but you just can't seem to part with it emotionally?  Many folks have had that car, that burned oil, would randomly not start (and by randomly I mean at the most inconvenient time possible), yet anytime someone would recommend you get rid of it, you'd quickly start making excuses on why you should keep it.  I'm not talking about that total lemon that you would do anything to get rid of, I'm talking about that turd that everyone hated but you.  It wasn't the fastest thing.  It wasn't the prettiest or the most comfortable.  And in many cases, it wasn't even an issue with money that was preventing you from ditching old Betsy and getting something better.  Perhaps there were simply some fond memories with the car.  Some long road trips, sexual encounter(s), its as your first car......maybe you just really like that color.  Could be it was a hand-me-down from pops.  

Maybe it was the lack of technical perfection that continues to build on your love of this mechanical object.  The truth is, you know exactly what it's limitations are and you've learned to work around them....even defend them blindly when someone points them out.  You've vested so much time, money, sweat, tears and even blood in building your relationship with this physical object, it's starting to feel like a relationship.  And regardless on how frustrated you the end of the day, you're simply in love with it.

That's how I've come to feel about my damn Fuji x100s.

Ergonomically it's pretty bad and without the thumb grip accessory, ergonomics are downright shitty.  It doesn't have wifi like newer cameras have, the screen doesn't flip which is a feature I've come to love on my A7r, and the Fuji x100s is a fixed lens camera.  Sure it has the two teleconverters available for it now but at a compromise of it's size and most importantly flatness.  And even though it's not the most comfortable camera to hold or the most versatile, I still love it.

Upon returning from my most recent vacation in Ireland and France I was actually ready to sell it.  I got all the boxes out, I even put it up for sale on a local Dubai used gear Facebook page.  But at the end of the day....I don't really want to part with it.  I've stated many times in the past how much I love the x100s, but I just didn't feel I needed it anymore.  And perhaps with the two Sony cameras, the A7r and the A6000 I genuinely have no need for it anymore.  But I still love it.

Anytime I'm out testing a camera or lens I take the x100s with me.  It takes up little to no room in my bag, for 99% of all web use it's 16MP images are more than enough. (I export 1800px or 2048px for my blog if that gives you an idea).  For medium size prints, it's plenty.  It's leaf shutter can sync flash at 1/1000.  It feels solid.  It has a timer and countdown timer on it's screen when shooting in bulb mode or long exposures.  And it looks downright sexy!

So long story short...I'm not parting with the x100s.  I love it and don't want to be without it.  I look forward to Fuji's next iteration of the x100s.  I will continue carrying the x100s with it's hipsterish looks and super easy to accidentally flip on/off switch.  It's not the camera for single camera is.  But as I sort my Lightroom catalog by Camera Type and peruse thru my prints, all I can do it glance over at it sitting over across the room next to my keys and wallet and smile.  I still love it!

If you think you're in the market for an x100s...I say don't hesitate.  But understand what you're getting into.  Don't expect it to be a 1DX, or D800E.  Regardless of what you read won't make you a better photographer.  It's not the DSLR killer some say it is.  It's not a Leica.  It is what it is, it has many flaws, and it might not be for you.  For me it's still the only camera I've truly loved.

Scroll down (click to enlarge) and enjoy a handful of my favorite shots I've taken with the x100s along with the shots above.

No Pants Day

Every week I make it a goal to have a no pants day.  I've been doing this the greater part of my adult life. Think of it as a "me day".  It's not always a completely non-productive lazy day (though it is sometimes), but it's a day I'm not concerned with the outside world.  I'll catch up on household chores, process photos, piddle around online, watch Archer, Top Gear, etc.  And now do a blog.  It'll probably revolve around photography or art, it'll probably have some pictures I shot that week (but might have some oldies), I don't really know what'll happen.  It's my day and I'll write what I want to.  Ideally, with no pants.

Three photo stitched panorama