The x100/x100s must have accessory

There are few things in photography that I would call "must have".  Sure there are the obvious....if you want to shoot land/cityscapes, at night, you must have a tripod.  If you want to shoot wildlife, National Geographic style, you must have a super telephoto.  If you you don't like Sriracha, you must have a problem.

When I had the pleasure of shooting the Fuji X-T1 and 10-24mm a few weeks ago, I talked about how the little thumb bump on the back of the camera was such a big deal to me, especially after spending a day with the Fuji X-E2 just prior to that.  As much as I love them, these brick cameras are not very comfy to hold, especially coming from the pro-DSLR life.  So I started thinking to myself, "Self, you should get one of those x100s thumb grips for your x100s.", I answered by heading over to Amazon and picking up one of the Lensmate thumb grips in silver. (they also come in black, some links below) 

The Lensmate Thumbgrip arrived a week ago, but unfortunately I was in the middle of a move and just didn't have the time to even open the box (the whole reason for my lack of blog updates).  The other unfortunate thing is that it's not cheap.  $60....ouch! 

Worth every penny!

Let me be clear...if you actually shoot with your x100/x100s, you NEED this.  I've loved my x100s since the day I bought it...and this little thing is a game changer.  I can actually hold it in my right hand comfortably for once.  Fuji, if you're listening, or reading I guess, please add something like this to your future boxy cameras.  There's a version for the X-E1 and X-E2 by Lensmate.  I expect a removeable thumbgrip to be included in the box of the x200 or whatever the next iteration is called.

SO, what do we get for sixty bones?

For starters, the box this thing comes in is incredibly nice.  Who cares right?  I'm a sucker for well packaged products.  And don't confuse this with well sealed items like those stupid packaging types that threaten loss of a finger trying to open.  You know which ones I'm talking have no choice but to get some kind of cutting device to get into these things, it's never ideal either.  Not only are you aggrevated, but there's a good chance you've covered your brand new gizmo with blood.  To the inventor and those who accepted it in the industry....I wish you the worst case of syphilis.

Back to the point please

So yeah...awesome little box it comes in.  Flip it open and pull out the thumbgrip.  Slide it into the hotshoe and you're one step closer to finding the meaning of life.  The grip is well built, painted to match, it looks like it simply belongs and that's what accessories should do, belong.

I've read a few places that people have trouble removing them from the hotshoe.  Not sure if Lensmate has redesigned these, but a small push on the indent and it slides out.  There is a little cut out which makes the

Bonus x100s photo!!!!

Foggy morning in Dubai

Lensmate Thumb Grip

shutter dial still easy to get to.  The old version of the Lensmate grip actually covered the exposure compensation dial from the back.  Looking at pictures of it I'm not sure what the point of that was and not once have I ever spun the dial accidentally.  Glad for the redesign Lensmate!!!

Now, there is one drawback.  If you notice in picture, there is a small dagger sticking out the back of your camera.  Depending on how you're built and how you wear the camera, this might suck for you, especially after a long period of wearing it.  It's not really a dagger, it's not sharp, but I can see where in certain conditions it might cause some discomfort.  I guess that would make you the exception as far as this being a "must have".  Know someone with an x100/x100s, X-E1, X-E2 or X-Pro1?  Mid-spring stocking stuffer!  St Patrick's Day gift!  National Kidney Day present!  You're welcome!

If you own one of these or end up buying one...I'd love to hear your feedback down in the comments.  Here at SebImagery....we love comments.  And likes and shares.  So show some love!  And stay tuned, yesterday I spent a day with Fuji's new 56mm/1.2...what an interesting lens...