Fujifilm WCL-X100 Wide Conversion Lens

Ever shoot with your x100 or x100s and think...damn....I wish this thing was a little bit wider?  Well you bought a fixed lens camera dummy, you should have thought of that sooner!  But that's ok...Fuji's got your back.  

Enter the WCL-X100 Wide Conversion Lens, aka Fuji wide angle adapter.  

Let me start off telling you that this thing is built like a tank.  It's a bit pricey at $300USD, and only gives you 0.8x which takes it from a 35mm to 28mm.  So yeah...it's not going to put you into ultra wide territory.  But it will give you that added....umpf when you desperately need it.  If you own a x100 or x100s, as you probably expect, this thing is built amazingly.  It has some weight to it.  You mount it by simply screwing it on the front of the camera.  Just screwing it into place, you already have a feeling of "Nice!".  If you've ever used a cheap brand screw on filter compared to a quality brand screw on, you know what I'm talking about here.

There's a minimum firmware version you must have installed in order to get the menu option of "Wide Angle Adapter" in your x100/x100s.  When I bought mine it was already there.  The WCL-X100 has a bit of heft to it and adds to the overall size of the camera quite a bit.  But it's a good feeling weight.  Give it a feel in store...you'll understand what I mean.

So you unbox it, remove the ring on the front of your camera and screw the adapter in-place.  Go into the Shooting Menu, Page 3, Wide Conversion Lens and turn it to ON.  And now you go shoot....it's that simple.

Optically the WCL-X100 is STUNNING.  I did some peeking around at 200% in Lightroom and from what I can see, there is no loss in quality.  I'm sure someone somewhere out there has some chart with a micro-pixel degradation when using the adapter.  Screw them.

So if you'd like to expand the capabilities of your x100 or x100s.  Buy it!  That's all there is to it.  Sure I'd prefer to have something in the 24mm range if I had my pick, but I won't be ditching the adapter.

If you use Lee Filters Seven5 system with your x100/x100s you need to get a regular 49mm adapter if you want to use it with this lens.  The threads are outside instead of inside like the regular x100/x100s adapter Lee sells.  It's about $25USD

So enough yapping....here are some photos....

Without WCL-X100 Wide Conversion Lens

With WCL-X100 Wide Conversion Lens

With WCL-X100 Wide Conversion Lens + Lee Filters Seven5 and Lee Big Stopper

Recently Fuji announced they will be releasing a 50mm adapter and I hope to get my hands on one ASAP.